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Why do I see ‘page could not be loaded’ on viewing some pages?
The website is constantly being updated so this message in most instances displays when we are:
1) Updating/editing a web page
2) Maintenance is taking place on the site and should only be down for a few minutes

Access denied
This could be due to content that has expired. If you see this error email with the URL address you are trying to view, this helps us to identify and resolve the issue.

Why am I unable to view images?
First thing to check here is that your browser settings allow you to show pop-ups, you can enable this for individual sites.

Why can't I register or log in?
The site doesn't have a registration or forum area. Disqus - the web’s favourite discussion system - replaced CAR's web forum in spring 2015, enabling you to comment and explore and follow fellow posters in the community. You can rate other users’ comments, sending the best posts to the top and spam sinking to the bottom. Sign up to Disqus or log-in with your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts.